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Our company began its journey in 1981 known as Special Treatment Services. It was a small business with one employee that was the owner, Mike Willard. This business provided services for carpet ,upholstery and office cleaning in the Kingston area and surrounding towns.You didn’t hear much about housecleaning services back then, but many of our customers constantly asked if we offered this type of service, or do we know of anyone who does. It was THEN, that Mike realized that there is a need for this type of business. If you know Mike at all, that was the bell that rang in his head, creating “”Maid for You””, a home and office cleaning company. I had watched the business grow for a year before I was convinced to leave a full time job and get involved. I then became one of the owners of “”Maid for You””. When I did, my challenge began. As some of you know starting a new business is not an easy project.

We faced the challenge and we succeeded. ”Maid for You” was incorporated in 1983. With a repeat customer base of 200 jobs a month and growing, an average workforce of 18 employees, “Maid for You” has grown tremendously over the past 26 years. We’ve expanded our business to a radius of approximately 25 miles of our home base, Kingston, MA. We continue to clean carpets and upholstery and also provide services for window washing, seasonal cleaning, move in, move outs, and more. You can even surprise someone special with a “”Maid for You”” gift certificate. This is a big hit for the holidays, or for any special occasion.Our reputation and success has always been built on commitment, hard work, pride and trust. Having a cleaning service used to be considered a luxury.Well, it’s not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity! Everyone’s life has become so hectic, with busy work schedules, shopping and shuffling the kids around, there’s no time to just simply RELAX. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of one major chore…cleaning.You can call “Maid forYou”, for all your cleaning needs. Our professionally trained team will arrive, well equipped to clean your home or office. It’s so important that you know the people, like the people, and trust the people you do business with, including your cleaning service, that’s why we like to meet with you personally to discuss your cleaning needs.

“Maid for You” is not a franchise, but a locally owed business in Kingston, MA.

Hiring a cleaning service will give you free time, reduce stress and help you to maintain a lifestyle you deserve. We strive for customer satisfaction and want to give you the joy of opening your door to a freshly cleaned home or office, GUARANTEED.

Wanda O’Meara
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Highly - Trained Staff

Each individual on our team is fully trained to provide exceptional service.

Fast & Effective Services

A customized worksheet is prepared for your home or office. We work in teams of 2 or 3 with team leader supervision.

Quality Cleaning Tools

Most equipment and cleaning solutions are provided. If you prefer your own products, that's fine too.

Dedicated Owners

Mike Willard

Owner / President

Wanda O’Meara

Owner / CEO

Renee Malcolm

Officer Manager / Cleaner