Cleaning Tips

Stainless Steel
Did you know if you’re not using the proper products on them you can ruin them for life. Have you ever noticed after you spray something directly onto your appliance it leaves a blemish or a streak that will not come off.  This is because it had ammonia in it or the chemical was to harsh. You need a stainless steel product and a microfiber cloth to prevent scratching.  I recommend Zep cleaner which can be purchased at Lowes or Weimens cleaner which you can get at your local grocery store.  They both leave a nice shine and keep your stainless looking like new.

Do you notice black marks on the high rises of your stairs. Once simple trick to get them off is a magic eraser.  Simply wet the eraser and wipe the marks clean.  Yes it’s that simple, they are magic!  They actually work great on a lot of things such as vinyl, shower stalls and counter tops.  One important tip is do not use them on colored counter tops or walls. They will actually bleach them out.

How do you get them out.  Purchase a Pumie scouring stick.  Simply wet the stick and surface and clean using back and forth strokes then rinse the residue off.  They also can be used on stubborn stains in tubs, sinks and showers.  See the directions before use for additional information.